Zara T-Shirts!

Over the past few months I have been wearing various different clothing from Zara Man, however one piece of clothing which has significantly stuck with me lately is the t-shirts! This one, in the image above is perfect for both a casual and formal occasion! It is very comfortable and I have bought a number of them in different colours! It comes in any sizes! If you are looking for something to wear at both a casual or more dressed up event, then this T-Shirt is the way to go!



Ted Baker Shirts

I have always been a huge fan of Ted Baker clothing. Fits well, looks smart and is comfortable. You’ll hear me say that a lot on this blog “it’s comfortable.” If I don’t find a piece of clothing comfortable, there’s no way I would wear it!

Topman Winter

Okay so its currently summer here in Australia and I wouldn’t even think of wearing a jumper at the moment… I am currently happy to wear shorts and a T-Shirt. Anyway, over in the UK and the USA, winter in approaching soon and you may be wondering what to wear. Since I have never been to the UK or USA before, I have no idea what the weather is actually like in the winter (I bet its really cold as it does snow over there XD). A few months ago, I did a trip to Topman and I came across these amazing jumpers! They are quite plain but are very comfortable and they fitted really well! I bought one in this orange colour and a burgundy one! They were perfect to wear to uni everyday during the winter! They are not too over the top and are very comfortable! They were only $35 AUS too so that made things good 😀

Buy one of these now! you won’t regret it!

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Hello, JW here and welcome to my blog! On here you will find my reviews on the latest fashion for men as well as recommendations of what you can wear! I am Australian based so most of the clothing I purchase does come from Australian stores however if you are interested in where you can buy some of the clothing products I show on this blog, you can contact me and I’ll help you out. I also would love to hear your comments! you can easily post comments on each of my blogs which are shown in the top selection bar.

Hope you enjoy my blog!