Fashion of the Week – Edition 2 – H&M

Okay so this week, I have had a good look at hoodies and sweaters from… H&M! as winter is approaching in the UK and USA, its time to dress warm and cozy so here are the H&M products this week!

You know, I don’t know too many men that wear cardigans except myself… as soon as I logged into this H&M site, I was stocked to come across this cardigan.


This cardigan is extremely comfortable and really fashionable!  $50 from H&M so get in there now and purchase this!

However, one more common torso males seem to be wearing is jumpers!


This jumper/ sweatshirt (Only $35 from H&M) will also keep you nice and cozy during the break and probably the thing to wear when you meet up with your families on Christmas day! So go ahead and purchase this along with your cardigan!

Finally, a more conservative approach to this week’s blog post is this hoodie.


This hoodie is very comfortable during the winter break. If you’re the kind of guy who isn’t really into unique fashion and just wants something basic, well, this hoodie is for you! Its only $30 from H&M so in you go and get it now!

Well, thats all for this week! CIAO 🙂

Have any recommendations for Fashion of the Week? Send your suggestion to and I’ll get to you and of course, consider your request.


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