Fashion of The Week – Edition 1 – Topman

Welcome to the first edition of “Fashion of the Week.” Here I’ll give you information on three clothing products that would perfectly suit you! This week I have had a good look at Topman products and after a fair bit of research, I have come down to my final three products for the week.

Let’s start with the first:

I gather winter is approaching in the UK and whilst I wouldn’t dare wear this in Australia at the moment, this Indigo Demin Faux Shearling Collar Flight Jacket is the way to go! I have actually never worn a denim jacket that looks as comfortable as this one shown below. It has a warn faux shearling collar, all made out of cotton and has side pockets. On the Topman website, the price is £56.00 so hurry into your nearest Topman store and get one yourself!


Moving on, if you’re in Australia like me and want something a little more, lets say “summery” that you should consider this white and grey paneled longline T-Shirt! It is not too over the top, comes in various sizes, has a longline fit and is machine washable! According to the Topman website, it also has a Sportswear style paneled design and in machine washable. According to Topman, £9.60 is the price (which would be around $19 if you reside in Australia) so get in and get one now for the summertime!


Finally, if you’re needing a new pair of long pants either in the summer of winter time, then these black stretch slim oil coated jeans might just be for you! They have a stretch slim fit, belt loops and a heavyweight stretch denim! £30.40 Topman says!


Well that’s it for this week! Until next time 🙂

Have any recommendations for Fashion of the Week? Send your suggestion to and I’ll get to you and of course, consider your request.


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